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Basic natural draft pyrolysis and biochar with simple iCan stoves.

What can I do with one can?

I can make a stove
I can cook a meal
I can make biochar
I can be carbon negative
I can start to change the world

That’s why I call these stoves iCans

iCans for Educators 1.pdf

As it is my view that it is better to teach a person about pyrolysis and how to build their own stoves than to sell them a stove, I have created this short introduction to iCan stoves for educators.

The materials presented in the PDF are only intended as a guide to creating open source, hands on, teaching tools and to support curriculum material developed by others.  Educators who went to high school in the 1960s may see some relationship to the excellent hands on teaching promoted by the PSSC Physics materials.  I fondly remember ripple tanks and frictionless pucks amongst other hands on teaching tools.




For current work on iCans, please click here.

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For more on why pyrolysis and carbon negative solutions are critical, please read this article on “The risk of ocean death from CO2.”

See also:  A Summary for Policymakers from the Second Symposium on the Ocean in a High-CO2 World

Bob Wells’ excellent A Letter from the Field.pdf is well worth reading.

From Cornell University: Biochar: An Ancient Solution for a Modern Problem

For more on why clean burning stoves are necessary, but not sufficient, please see the comment below.


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