I strongly recommend that you establish a custom “Global Warming” section on your Google news page.

In the upper right hand corner of the Google News screen you can click on the Personalize / Edit and create a custom section. Just enter the two words: global warming — in the search box. That’s how easy it is to do. I set mine to five stories. I may set up a whole page dedicated to global warming stories.

Sadly, Reality is badly under reported by the main stream media in the US. All of the key information, all of the emerging stories, on Global Warming have to be found in foreign sources.

Now here is the real challenge: How do we get the students in our trend setting universities and especially those universities in the early primary states, to light the fuse on this issue? It is the monster in the living room nobody is talking about.

The fact of the matter is that the baby boom generation has blown it Big Time. We had the Club of Rome “Limits to Growth” book back in 1972. And an update. We ignored them both, or attacked them, as we did not want to believe their message. Shame on us. Our children have every right to be mad as hell at us for our willful blindness to this issue.

This is a perfect issue for women, who are much more likely to take a long term view of things — especially the well being of their children. Given that we have perhaps only ten years to get this under control, even some men might get passionate about their futures, not just the next bit of sex, or drugs or gambling.

Time to get mad as hell.