Thanks to Tom Atlee, today I watched the Stroke of Insight video – a presentation at the 2008 TED conference. It is amazing. I hope you will watch it too. And then share it as you see fit

The “Stroke of Insight” video is deeply informative with respect to the limits we have placed upon ourselves: We are generally only using half our collective brain power: the left lobe, which is the sequential processing lobe. For the most part we have deeply impoverished our world views by largely ignoring the parallel processing lobe, the right lobe.

“Stroke of Insight” strongly suggests to me a deep flaw in those political and economic world views that only recognize the Me/I driving the far too narrow notion that humanity is singularly selfish. See, for example, Game Theory, The Chicago School of Economics, unregulated free market capitalism, et al, the bed rock of the Reagan Era cold war world view, as explicated by Adam Curtis’ in his BCC series “The Trap”.

Truly, a Peer-to-Peer future will have to start with treating both sides of our brian as co-equal peers. What will we call a world view that emerges from our fully integrated brains?

Very interesting indeed.