When you really stop to think about it, Bush & Co. have spent over 1 trillion dollars in pursuit of a poison we know is killing us. They have squandered 1 trillion dollars seeking a poison that would be much better for the conditions of spaceship earth if it were left securely sequestered in the ground. Oil.

This is precisely why Bush can not admit to, much less act on, global warming. If he did, then he would have to face the fact that his Iraq strategy is tantamount to a strategy to poison the world by accelerating global climate disruption and reducing our ability to respond to it.

Imagine what we could have accomplished with respect to kicking the oil habit if we had invested that 1 trillion dollars replacing oil as the energy foundation of our economy?

This is Obama’s low hanging fruit. It is not, in the end, how we went to war and all of the lies told to get us there, it is the tragedy, the hubris, of blindly investing economy busting amounts in the pursuit of a poison that is killing us. This is the fundamental national security issue. If Obama had the courage to articulate this critique of Iraq, he would put McCain in a box.

George Bush will go down as a deeply tragic figure who was a world poisoner, not a “War President”. We also have to face the fact that we enabled him because we refused to accept the need to change our ways of life. Cheney’s infamous “The American [oil dependent] way of life is non-negotiable”, a reflection of his blind addiction to oil, is all to true for too many of us. When we come to see oil as the deadly poison it is, then we will know that we have developed a new world view and finally entered the 21st century.

The consequences of this trillion dollar missed opportunity will very likely be very bad indeed.